One of my favorite {and pretty embarrassing} parts of my life has been my evolving style. ¬†I literally have gone through the “bangs to high heaven” stage to wearing my Dad’s clothes because I wanted to be Claire Danes in “My So-Called Life” to busting out silver Nike tear-away pants from the time I rolled in like a baller on my Northern Minnesota basketball team.

Heaven, help me.

I am in my mid 30’s and finally feel like I have found my groove, and I’ve also ditched my turtle necks and ratted bangs. I have started to let my natural curls hang out more.

I love to dress up a t-shirt with some bright colored pants and jewelry and I love a really bold blazer and a tall heel. ¬†However, really….if you knew me, you would know I would wear work out gear 90% of my life.

One of the things I am grateful for today is that my current position gives me the freedom to be me. When it comes time to really dress it up a bit, I have my go-to brands that I love and most recently have found my love for Stitchfix.

In future posts, I want to share more easy on-the-go ideas for you, who own business owners and run a busy household, too.

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