What we do

Hello. My name is Lindsay Joy.  I coach business owners all over the country on building organizations,IMG_9262 leadership and culture.  With a background in Psychology and Social Work, I have worked with thousands of people in areas of communication, mindset and core values.  I connect empire builders with resources to build ongoing success.

My coaching clients find that they have an increased work/family/life balance and make more money.  It’s simple.

Leading and growing an organization takes purposeful choices and skill sets that can be mastered by hiring me and understanding core principles of owning a business.

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Lindsay has built a successful business by helping Entrepreneurs turn their idea into a business.  Through defining clear goals, branding and a solid business plan, Lindsay helps business owners have a healthy work-life balance..  She has worked with helping organizations make great hires and blast through their goals as well as helped other coaches build their coaching business.

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