Recently my family has made a commitment to going chemical free in our home.  With the rise in allergies and illnesses, we have chosen to stay the path with as many cleaning products, food and now products we put on our body being chemical free.

Since moving to Texas from the midwest, my hair, our hair took a nose dive.  I chemically treat my hair every six weeks and in addition to the very hard water that exists here in San Antonio, it has been a challenge to find products that keep my hair hydrated and shiny.  Until recently.  We met Monat!

In the spirit of passive income, we did extensive research on this company and found it to be an amazing opportunity.  Not only is it A Great Company, but the products are amazing, too.  In the months that I have been using it, my split ends have dramatically decreased, and my hair is much healthier and holds it’s natural curl longer, without the crazy frizz. . . and can you believe I can go almost 4 days in between washing!?  My daughter’s hair has grown dramatically since we have used the junior line on her hair! She says she feels like a princess!!!

Not only does this product help with caring for damaged hair, it also helps with skin and hair conditions such as psoriasis, balding, and extreme hair thinning!  In fact, I will walk you through a complete assessment to see what system would work best for you.

This has been an amazing source of income for my family and I have an amazing coaching team.  All my team members get to join our community and see the secrets behind the scenes of how we built our business.

Join my team and start earning income for your family with my free coaching program or become a VIP and earn discounts on the best hair care in the world. It’s a win-win!