Meet Lindsay Joy

Hello!  My name is Lindsay Joy.  I live with my family in San Antonio, TX. I raise some kids and a bunch of animals in the middle of this city.  I am known to burn dinner often, and ruin dessert less often 😉  I have humor similar to Kristen Wiig and a servant’s heart like Jesus.  You belong at our table.  And you. And you.

Pull up a chair.

My mantra is “life is meant to be lived”. I do not believe in perfection but rather in imperfect progress.  This site is meant to be a place of inspiration and to show you that life can be taken on one FIERCE step at a time.  This website is to serve as an example of how I am building this. I don’t have this 100% polished and it will grow with me.  Just like our lives will have scuffs and dents, so will this, too.  This is me.

Through workshops, public speaking, and private coaching, I help entrepreneurs build their brand and businesses and help them produce the results they are looking for in their organization.  Let’s roll up our sleeves, write a fierce business plan and take massive action.

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