My friends say I have a little sass in me.  Perhaps that’s true.  Since I was very young I was sure to vocalize what it was that I wanted- a little louder than others.  I see that same spirit in my daughter.  Singing with a wild vibrato, belting the top hits from the top of the couch, begging to have a microphone with a stand and a karaoke machine – pretending to be performing in front of a cheering crowd.

Our mouth is a tool our life uses to inspire and motivate, sell and persuade, criticize and tear down, encourage and strengthen.  It can be a life-source or an energy sucker.  An attracter or a repellant.  Which is yours?

They say we are a product of our choices.  We can choose how to respond and be unattached to the other person’s response.  It’s possible and takes practice.  And. . . . both.

Is it be true? Is it possible to have a good heart but a  mouth doesn’t match?  I have become aware that my words are the tangible existence of what my guts are hiding.  I found this out a few years ago when I was called out. I was beginning a new journey- beginning a new business and I felt like it was too large, too scary, and I was stupid for thinking I couldn’t. Women I followed online seemed to have it all together.

“I can’t”.
“I want”.
“It probably won’t happen”.

I am grateful for the tribe I have surrounded myself with.  During this time, I was confronted by truth.  “Okay, Lindsay, you’re right,” she said to me.  “If you are saying these things and I can hear you say them, then your heart is surely giving you a negative pity party in your guts, too.  If you say that you can’t, you’re exactly right.  So, congratulations.  This idea will tank.  What’s next?”

With a wicked glare back I knew she was right, but my pride crept up high and I was stubborn- for a long time.

I thought about it.

I had two choices:

  1.  To surrender to myself and confess that I did, in fact, have a heart issue, get into action and change my thoughts- and my mouth or;
  2.  pretend like it was everyone else’s issue, continue to stay in victim mentality and keep falling backwards.

She loved me anyways.  Thank God for friends who love us through the imperfections of humanity.  I was never good at playing Pinterest.

I chose to surrender.  It was not a one-time-it’s-all-changed-forever- so -let’s-hit-the-rodeo-tonight-and PAAAAARRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTYYYYY like I was hoping.

It took daily perseverance- of deciding and accountability and coaching and staying in my lane.  Feeling the feels of losing relationships as I realized that some relationships in my life were not pointing me towards where I wanted to be.

It took reworking my morning routines.  Instead of 6:30am I am not up at 5am before the kids while TJ runs and being still. Listening.



  1.  Interrogate your inbox.  What are you watching, listening to, and surrounding yourself with?  Do you have your shelves and electronics filled with podcasts, books, that encourage your thinking, motivates you, gives you abundant positivity?  Pay attention to your conversations.  Are the people you are around the most tell you the truth, even when it is hard?
  2.  Read. No excuses. Download Audible and have a book in your ear instead of Beyoncé (I LOVE YOU            YONCÉ) No money? No problem. Many digital books are found in your local library.  When you  exercise, eat, fold laundry or are making dinner, pop ear buds in your ears and grow.
  3.   Get up an hour early and focus on gratitude.  Journal every day.  Even if it’s 3 sentences.


Keep it simple.


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