When I speak about community and the act of gathering, it is one of my most favorite topics to speak about.  As human beings, it is proven that depression and suicide rates decline, quality of life improves, and self esteem is given a major boost when we have community in our lives.

When I think of OUR TABLE, I think of both literal and figurative examples.  I love having people in my home. I will be intentional about doing it more often, knowing that my house won’t be perfectly swept, the toys aren’t all put in the perfect place and I probably need to wipe off the bathroom sink.

Those who have community and regular gatherings of people in their lives are more prone to THRIVE, not just SURVIVE.  There is a huge difference.

The challenge I set for myself is, in the spirit of raising my children as responsible, contributing adults, I want to demonstrate the example of hospitality.

To gather in community, to me, means to be present with people from all walks of life similar or different than mine in a spirit of love and compassion, even when we don’t all agree.

OUR TABLE includes meetings at an ice cream shop, a park, in my home, or outside the school waiting for my daughter to complete her day.  OUR TABLE could mean at a PTA meeting, a conference room or in a waiting room.

The fact is, it is way too easy to live an isolated life.  To grow in compassion towards others, we have to decide to surround ourselves who do life differently than ourselves.  I challenge you to be a person that looks for the one who hasn’t shown up to or called in the past few weeks.  To find the person who doesn’t have someone sitting next to them at your next meeting.  It literally may save their life, to be seen.

It’s easy to isolate.  Invite community into your life and see how, you evolve.

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