I see the pretty pictures, I see the glittery, inspirational quotes.  Hey, I do it, too.  Motivation is sexy when it is dressed up behind filters and fancy phones, right?  It makes us feel, perhaps, that we are invincible, or….maybe it makes the walls behind our desks prettier.  Maybe it is the catalyst towards perfection or the push you need to get your day started.

Beginning my day always begins with gratitude, quiet time and/or focusing on my intent for the day.  I take time to go through all my senses, to fully grasp the place I am in, in that moment.  Selah.

God made me to be a tactical learner. I like to have my hands in on the process while I learn.  I find that learning builds confidence in me to take the next step.  The more I can touch, mold, manipulate a concept with my hands, I will have faster results in applying it.

I’ve experienced the “baptism by fire” concept in learning something new.  Thrown into a fully new city, with a new job, leading a large organization and completely freaking out.  What I love about going underwater is the stillness and calm. A reset, of sorts.  I have learned to find my ‘reset’ place even amongst the chaos I could be standing in.

Faith has been one of those whirlpools.  Growing up in a very traditional and conservative home, we had our faith-building routines.  Prayer before meals and bedtime, church in tights a few times a week and yes, all the hymns you can imagine.  The concept of faith for me has found my reaching for the tactile opportunities when I learned.  I struggled.  Leaning into something I cannot see.  Is this just me?  “Having faith” has been, at times, me closing my eyes and begging the air, “Please, please work” to reverently on my face begging God for our family’s safety when we lived in a third world country.  Building faith on my journey has included taking leaps and learning on the way down, sometimes crashing and sometimes landing like a “fierce ballerina” (from the words of my daughter).

When I think of what faith looks like, I have grown to appreciate that it looks different to every person.  The beauty is in the diversity.  For me, standing on the edge of a cliff that is covered in clouds comes to mind, or reaching out into the darkness, looking for the light anyways.  The tangible elements are imagining taking a leap into a foggy cliff’s edge and reaching up towards the ceiling of my dark bedroom as I struggle to get to sleep.  It can even be a simple inside feeling of belief.

Some day, “how do you know there is wind? You cannot see it! You can feel it!!!”.  That analogy has helped me grow as I learn, day to day what faith is.  Let us be open to others’ interpretation of what faith means to them and to the little people we parent, because it is such a beautiful journey.


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