Baking is my jam. I have fond memories of spending time in the kitchen with my mother any time there was the word “sugar” involved.  What is even a bigger win is when dessert can be done in a snap.  This is one of my favorite go-to cool treats when this summertime Texas weather we are still getting used to is almost unbearable.

Citrus flavors is one I crave during the summertime and so why not end the summer with a BANG by sharing a treasured recipe from our family’s cookbook.

Frozen Lemon Dessert:
1/4c. margarine or butter, melted
1 1/4 c. graham cracker crumbs (about 10 crackers)
1/4c. sugar
3 egg yolks
1 – 14oz can of Sweetened Condensed Milk
                                                                1/2c. lemon juice
                                                                Few drops of yellow food coloring, optional
                                                                Whipped topping

Combine melted butter, graham cracker crumbs and sugar; press into a 8″ or 9″ pan. In bowl, beat egg yolks; stir in milk THEN lemon juice and food coloring, if desired.  Poor into crust. Top with whipped topping. Freeze until firm.

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