When it comes to having company over, there is nothing more fun than a night of good food and fun.  When it comes to balancing work and kids and homework and cleaning the house, it can be a bit of a frazzled state, right?

These tips can work for both last minute company or for friends that you’ve planned for, while balancing work, getting kids home from school, etc.

1.  For food:  Try take out.  Nobody has set the rule that this night has to be about homemade and handmade.  Pizza, Pho, Sushi, or a little Rotisserie Chicken is perfect.  Also suggest a “potluck” theme and have you and the people you’re hosting bring something to share. These little Filo Dough cups are perfect for filling with dessert options or hummus!

2. Board games.  Get the kids involved and have them be in charge of choosing 2 games to play as a big group.  Some of what we enjoy are Zingo, Twister, Clue, and Skip-Bo.  Depending on the company we have and space allowance, we enjoy giving kids games to do separate from the parents.  One of the things I love the most about doing life with families is doing group activities.

3.  Theme it up: if the weather allows, get a bon fire going and keep it simple with ‘just smores’.

Remember WHY you are entertaining rather than worried about being perfect.

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