I am passionate about coaching and helping others build the business of their dreams.  That has come from me having coaches in my life who spoke real, hard, truth into my life in moments that other people did not.  The people that told me things I needed to hear are the ones I give my unending loyalty towards because they are deeply embedded in the fabric of my business and how I began.

I am going to show up for you in that way, too. I will begin by you and I getting real about your relationship with the idea around MONEY and WEALTH.  If you are anything like me, I have lived a life in ‘victim mode’ and didn’t know it.  I was turning opportunity down because “I couldn’t afford it” and then complaining about how I was not making enough money.

Sometimes it is simply about making a leap of faith.  The 10% club is about saying YES in the face of adversity.  Choosing yes to the uncomfortable and believing with all your might that this idea that everyone else says you’re crazy about, can actually come true.

Growing up, somehow along the way I developed the idea that money was bad, rich people were greedy and wasteful of their resources.  It wasn’t until I was well into my adulthood that I learned that wealth created opportunities for people to be generous beyond my imagination, money was a TOOL that helped build a true life by design and that I had a lot more learning to do around the mindset around ‘wealth’.

This course will wreck your life in the best way. Together with my dear friend, Jodee Bock, we are going to lead you through a path of getting down and dirty, real and right about where you sit in your relationship with money.  We are going to take out barriers together with a sludge hammer and empower you and equip you to do things that you never believed possible.

Our workshop begins September 19th and is every Tuesday from 12pm-1pm.  We will record calls for those of you who cannot make some of them and you will have the opportunity to mastermind with some really powerful people in these next six weeks.

Take the jump, I’ll be with you every step of the way and ask a friend to join you, too.  Questions can be emailed to hellolindsayjoy@gmail.com

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