This week I have been parked downtown at the Riverwalk the majority of my time, preparing for The Nutcracker performances that my daughter is participating in this weekend.  As I have watched Alayna participate in dance since she was between 3 and 4 years old, I have watched her grow to LOVE dancing.  As I watch her socialize with her peers tonight, I think about the example she has set about what to do when you want something so much.  To her, she wants to dance as long as she can.

Here are 10 habits and lessons I have watched Alayna walk through as she goes towards what she wants.  Perhaps this can resonate with whatever you are working towards and you can check to see if these are habits that could be applied to your situation.  I know I have learned a lot by watching her.

1. Practice – all the time, even when your parents send you to bed. Practice everywhere.
2. When you see the “real ballerinas” go and say HELLO assertively and ask why they talk funny. When you learn they are from France, tell them your Mom will be taking you next year (say what?!) and then ask if you can stay at the ballerina’s house and do ballet moves and eat French food.
3. Build relationships with your peers and with your instructors.
4. Keep a good attitude, all the time.
5. Going for something you want so bad will sometimes mean you give up things that can be meaningful, like school holiday book exchanges. It hurts sometimes.
6. Watch YouTube videos of your craft all the time. Sneak iPads into your room and watch after you have been sent to bed.
7. Do not allow other’s criticisms get in the way of how you feel about yourself.
8. Ask for the opportunity.
9. Be patient and assertive. And both.
10. Double fist goldfish crackers for energy. Rainbow colored.

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